Tours in Ukraine

We are very happy to offer you the various tours through out Ukraine. It is a unique chance to discover this beautiful country, communicate with its inhabitants, understand its culture and at last to leave it with a great sincere regret and feeling an irresistible impulse to return again and again.

In this section we offer both a whole tour package and any separate service listed.

The list of our tour services includes the following:

  1. Tours in Ukraine: sightseeing tours in the major cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Sevastopol, Donetsk and etc.); tours in regions being well-known their historical events (‘Zaporozhska Sich”, “Miracles of Crimea”, “Transcarpathian discoveries” and many others); tours devoted to the grand events to be held in Ukraine (‘EURO 2012’, ‘Ukrainian Fashion Weeks”, International summits and forums and so on). We also develop trip programmes based on your individual requirements and wishes.
  2. Accommodations: booking any hotel and apartments in Ukraine up to your needs.
  3. Transport including car transfers, air, train and ferry tickets booking and selling, car tent, etc.
  4. Insurance: health, tourist, car and any other type of legal insurance including European and International ones.
  5. Visa support

In providing the services we base on your individual requirements and wishes, therefore the rates in any case will separately be calculated.

First of all we will make the programme of your staying in Ukraine and then agree the prices for that. Please contact us and let’s start…

Last news

  • Dear Customers, We are delighted to offer the Agency’s consulting and representative services for foreign companies interested in co-operation with Ukrainian companies at any spheres and industries.





We would appreciate for your opinion concerning the services provided by the specialists of our Agency.

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