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When we mean business, we will need the personnel to whose professional opinion, experience and advices we could defer. Thus, taking into consideration this necessity and your interest to have own remote representative office in Ukraine for marketing, researching, understanding, promoting your products and services in Ukraine and/or CIS, to be presented in any events and/or agencies, associations and etc., networking and establishing all and/or certain contacts, we offer ourselves as your representative office in Ukraine and/or CIS.

ACCESSION Agency may provide you both agent services as the third intermediate part in negotiation process and transaction and your remote representative office.

Agency based on your order we may operate in the field of real estate and property, insurance, banking and investments, networking, etc.

Your Representative Office: we will be happy to represent you, your company, your products and services in Ukraine and CIS as well.

Foreign & International Representative Offices Registration in Ukraine and/or CIS.

«ACCESSION LLC» provides the services related to registration of companies: representative offices, regional/country affiliates, branches subsidiaries, etc. in Ukraine and CIS, in the following forms:

  •       LLC (Limited Liability Company);
  •       CJSC (Closed Joint Stock Company);
  •       OJSC (Open Joint Stock Company).

      Cost of the services to be provided by the ‘Accession’ Agency for a company registration procedure.

Registration services

Prices*, EURO

Registration with a «standard package» of Constituent Documents:




- development of a non-standard package of Constituent Documents
- opening of the bank account and notification of Tax Service
- execution of the Contract by Bank-Client system
- obtainment of duplicates of notifications of the Pension Fund,
  the Fund of Social Security and the Obligatory Health Insurance
  Fund (per a fund)

from 1,500

* The prices listed above are valid for the services related to a company registration procedure in Kyiv. They might vary depending on the locality of interest.

Duration of registration

Stages due for registration


business days

- preparation of a standard package of documents
- notarization and submission of documents for registration
- inspection and registration of the company by FTS
- obtainment of the State Statistics Committee codes


Company registration procedure including opening of the bank account(s), registration in the Pension Fund, the Fund of Social Security and the Obligatory Health Insurance Fund in separate cases can be from 2 weeks to 1 month.

In the event of establishment of CJSC or OJSC registration of the primary issue of shares in Federal Service for Financial Markets is done after completion of the Company’s registration in Federal Tax Service, obtainment of the State Statistics Committee codes and opening of the bank account and makes from 20 to 30 business days.

Our specialist would be happy to advice you on key issues for duly registration of your Ukrainian and/or CIS company, namely:

1.     Selection of a legal address;

2.      Standard or non-standard Articles of Association and statutory documents for a company to be newly registered;

3.      List of required information for duly registration;

4.      Who is/are eligible to be the Applicant for establishment of a company in Ukraine and/or CIS;

5.      Procedure for work permits obtaining for non-residents.

Based on the relevant contracts, ‘ACCESSION’ renders the following services:

·        Accounting and legal services;

·        Recruiting, headhunting and executive Search of professional personnel for your company in any localities of Ukraine and/or CIS;

·   To be your Attorney by the applicable power of attorney including through participation in International, foreign, local and regional events including networking;

·        Consultancy in the field of the above as well as property & real estate, conference services, etc.

·        Marketing and economic researches.    

To know details please contact us immediately.


Last news

  • Dear Customers, We are delighted to offer the Agency’s consulting and representative services for foreign companies interested in co-operation with Ukrainian companies at any spheres and industries.





We would appreciate for your opinion concerning the services provided by the specialists of our Agency.

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